Financial Power & Responsibility

There was a famous quote from the comic book Spiderman that says, “With great power comes great responsibility.” I often see people destroyed by the influence of money, just as people can be destroyed by any form of power. The power of money is to be respected and properly handled, however, it is not something to be afraid of. Money is like a key, because the more of it you have the more doors you can open in life and access you have. Having access in life is power, and with that power comes responsibility. Money isn’t inherently good or bad, however, it is up to you what influence and impact you will use your money for.

Mark Manson suggested in his book The Subtle Art of Not Giving A #@%!, that if you flip the nouns, this same phrase takes on a whole new profound meaning. “With great responsibility comes great power.” When you take on responsibility for the outcome of your life, your finances, and your relationships, you empower yourself to make the changes necessary to achieve the outcome you desire. Although blaming your circumstances, other people and past experiences often comes natural, all of these lead to powerlessness. You can’t change what we can’t control. The only way you can have the power to create your own financial future is to assume responsibility for your outcome.

Find Solutions Not Excuses

When I was young, I was drafted onto a travel baseball team to play shortstop. Shortly after I was recruited, I was running late for practice and ended up arriving five minutes late. I immediately began apologizing to the coach and explaining why I was late. The Coach quietly listened and waited till I finished. “Hmmm” he grunted. “Do you know the difference between reasons and excuses?” he asked me. “Nothing” he swiftly answered. “Those who figure out a solution for the obstacles in life are the ones who succeed.”

That statement, although tough at the time, changed my life. Life is full of uncontrollable circumstances that effect how we live our lives, and for many people, these circumstances become their excuse for why they couldn’t do, give, or have something. Maybe you grew up in a poor family and because you never had someone show you how to build wealth, you have come to believe that you can’t do it. What about a single parent who has to take care of the kids on their own and spends all their income on the basic needs of those they are responsible for. If you want wealth in your life and desire to live your dream life, excuses won’t get you there, you have to start finding solutions!

Like my baseball coach said, “Those who figure out a solution for the obstacles in life are the ones who succeed.” It isn’t always easy to figure out how to overcome or find a solution, and I’m not here to be insensitive to people’s situations and struggles. On the contrary, I’m here to encourage you not to quit on your dreams and to develop a mindset that will help you accomplish your financial goals regardless of your situation. There is always a way around or through the obstacle, you just have to find the solution.

Knowledge Is Key To Finding Solutions

Usually when you can’t see the solution it is because you don’t know enough. Most people have something that is in the way of them becoming wealthy, but if they had the right information they would be able to solve that problem. Instead, they buy into the idea that they probably will never be wealthy and begin coming up with reasons why they are ok with that. Some even go as far as to say that they don’t want to be wealthy. I’ve never heard anyone say they wouldn’t take 10 million dollars if it were offered to them. However, I’ve heard people make all types of excuses to why they either aren’t able to be wealthy or that they don’t want to be wealthy. Everyone has different things they would do with that $10 million, including give it away, but not a single person says they wouldn’t accept it. So we know that people want to be wealthy, we just need to find the solution to whatever problem is blocking us. The best way to do this is to learn more!

It is easier to learn about any topic in this era than it ever has been history! Information is readily available to anyone who is looking for it. Success stories of people becoming financially free are popping up constantly. The difference between those people who are becoming financially free and those who aren’t is that one group learned how to overcome the obstacle and applied that knowledge to action, and the other group did not.

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