Profit Everything You Touch

“You can have everything in life you want, if you will just help enough other people get what they want.” – Zig Ziglar

Leave things better than how you found it, and everyone benefits! The concept of profit is often used in a financial sense, but we should all strive to leave a profit in everything we touch. When we get a new job and make the company better than when we first started, everyone benefits! The same is true with the people we encounter. If we can make their life better, or help them become a better person just from being around us, everyone benefits.

The power of having a profit-oriented mindset is very often overlooked, but when you meet someone who lives their life with this mindset, they often stand out from the crowd and have a gravitational attractiveness about them that is hard to resist. This is because everyone wants to profit! The problem is most people wait to receive a profit before they are willing to profit someone else. This selfish way of thinking hinders them from blessing those around them, and in turn, stops them from receiving the full profit they otherwise would have.

If you are a tenant, leave your apartment or home in better condition than you found it. If you are in a relationship with a significant other, find a way to make their life better than it was before you were in it. In everything you do, find a way to leave a profit and watch as your life will also be profited.

The beauty of this journey to financial freedom is that you have the opportunity and the privilege to make a difference on the way to your goals. Growing monetary wealth provides freedom in this life and can even be left for the following generations, but the lives that you touch along the way is the true legacy that you will be leaving. So think about how you want to be remembered and incorporate that into your financial plan.

What an amazing world this would be if more people would simply live life with a profit-oriented mindset. The quality of everyone’s life would dramatically improve, but we must start with one person at a time. So find something in your life to begin profiting today, and be consistent over time! Do it because it is who you are, not because you seek a reward.

As you leave a profit in everything you touch, your life will also be profoundly blessed.

Hopefully this blog has been helpful. There is so much more to discuss as we dive deeper into the strategies, tools and resources of financial freedom.

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