Healing a Broken Financial Philosophy

Some parents tell their kids that the sky is the limit or that they can accomplish what ever they want to in life as long as they believe. But do the parents really believe that themselves? Unfortunately, most people don’t, and it is that disbelief that ultimately limits the accomplishments and opportunities in their own life.

Jim Rohn once said, “Your Economic Future is not going to be determined by your economy, but rather your own philosophy.” Granted, the journey to financial freedom and independence will be more difficult for some than others based on many uncontrollable factors, but with the right philosophy, plan and work ethic, everyone has the opportunity to accomplish their financial dreams. It is not a matter of “if” but rather “how.”

The difference between the person who asks “if it is possible” and the person who asks “how it is possible” is the difference between a life limited by belief and a life of endless possibilities. Just as the person who asks “if it is possible”, by default believes that there are things in life that are impossible, the person who says “how is it possible” believes that things in life are possible, they just have to figure out how to accomplish them. This simple difference changes everything, and opens the door for the impossible to become possible in your life.

There was once a time where people said it is impossible for light to be harnessed through electricity, but then a man named Thomas Edison created the light bulb. Now there are entire cities all over the world that are lit up with electricity. It used to be impossible for humans to fly, but then the Wright Brothers created the airplane. Now thousands of people are able to fly daily, besides the fact that covid 19 happened. There are countless things that were deemed as impossible by the majority, but because someone looked at the issue with the mindset of “how is it possible” and was willing to act on it, now we have millions of people benefitting from what others used to see as impossible. The same is true for your financial situation, it has never been an issue of “if”, but rather a question of “how”. 

If you want to become financially free and independent, it is achievable! But first, you must believe in yourself and find out how it is possible for you.

In future posts, we will further explore how you too can become financially free and independent. We will also provide tools and resources to help you along your journey.

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