The Importance of Financial Freedom and Independence

Is money the root of all evil? The truth is, people go around quoting this as an excuse not to become rich or a reason why others should not pursue riches, but the sad thing is that they are misquoting the original biblical verse. Money is not the root of all evil, but rather the love of money is the root of all kinds of evil. Money is simply a means of exchange. It is our attitude toward money that needs to be kept in check.

King David was a very wealthy king, yet God refers to him as “A man after God’s own heart.” King Solomon was an even wealthier king, and he is referred to as “The Wise King.” Granted, both of these examples were kings, so let’s look at someone who wasn’t royalty. Abraham was said to be rich in cattle and precious metals such as gold and silver. Today that can equate to Abraham, known as “the friend of God,” being a very wealthy man. And there are plenty of other examples of biblical wealthy people who God speaks well of. So if God doesn’t frown on all the wealthy, then why should we?

The perspective people have on financial freedom & independence can often taint their decision on whether they want to pursue wealth or not. Because of this, I wanted to share a perspective on wealth that I believe is essential for everyone to understand before making the decision of whether they want to be wealthy or not. 

Regardless of what religion, political party, age, gender or race you are, financial freedom and independence not only is obtainable for you, but it is also something I would encourage you to pursue.

There are five primary reasons that a person should become wealthy:

Reason #1

It frees you up to do the things you were created to do: How many people spend eight or more hours per day working on something they know is not their calling or purpose in life? By the time they finish working for their employer and taking care of their own needs and wants, time is often stretched, and they can never seem to get traction on the very thing they know they were made to do.

For most of us, the career we are in is different from the desire we have to make a difference on this world and other people’s lives. But what if the financial responsibility to provide for your family was no longer an issue? What would you do with your time? What difference would you want to make?

Reason #2

It allows you to do more for others: This is one reason that is so often over looked when deciding whether one wants to become rich or not. How can you help others if you are struggling to simply help yourself?

There are so many good hearts out there, and I’ve seen people who are struggling financially, but they are still willing to take a portion of what they have and give it to their neighbor who is struggling more. This always warms my heart, but imagine the impact they could have if they had more to give.

On a broader scope, millionaires and billionaires help far more people than someone living paycheck to paycheck ever could. Even if the millionaires and billionaires never donated a single cent to help anyone, the jobs their companies provide help more people than a single donation ever could.

The amazing thing about most millionaires and billionaires is that on top of providing jobs that stimulate the economy, allowing the majority of the population to have a means of income, most of them donate thousands and millions of dollars to good causes as well! If that isn’t reason enough to become wealthy, then lets keep going.

Reason #3

The freedom to spend more time with family and friends when desired: This reason is at the core of why a lot of people I speak to desire to be financially free and independent. The one thing that we can never get more of is time. You will never have a second chance to watch your kids grow up, nor enjoy your youth with your spouse. Maybe it’s taking your family or friends traveling or enjoying the grandparents while they are still around. Whatever it is for you, having the freedom to spend time with the family without having to constantly think about how you should be working is another amazing reason for you to get ahead and become financially free.

Reason #4

Having the influence and means to create change: So many people talk about how they wish the world was a better place and all the things they wish they could change, but they stand powerless because they have neither the resources nor influence to make the changes they desire. Money is not everything, but it makes everything easier. Decisions are being made constantly behind closed doors that most people are never invited into. With financial influence, you can have the opportunity to be there when the decision is made or weigh in before the decision is made. 

It is true, there are some amazing people in history who have influenced tremendous change, yet were incredibly poor; but if you take a closer look at their journey, a couple things become clear: The first thing is that although all of them facilitated the change, most of them relied on others to fund the change. Secondly, it only takes one major slip to crumble their platform of influence. People in the eye of the public are eliminated all the time based on an oops or change of the script. So why not have both? Be a person of influence with the character people want to follow, but also build a financial basis that won’t only fund your movement for change, but it can open the doors for you to offer even more value than you can without the financial backing.

Reason #5

The type of person you have to become to attract wealth: even if the other reasons don’t make you want to be wealthy, do it because you know that we are what we attract! Think about it, birds of a feather flock together. We attract the people in our lives that are naturally like us, and the same is true financially. Money is attracted to those who have the right philosophies, habits, diligence, and skill sets. The type of person you would have to become to acquire wealth makes the journey worth it.

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